We are a fence contractor and fence installation company based in Pompano Beach. Established back in 1992, we began with a humble number of small-scaled projects, with only a small group of repeat clients. Gradually, and with great help from word of mouth and client recommendations, we have grown to what we are now. Today, our services continually expand and now we offer around 16 installation options to our clients in Pompano Beach and surrounding areas.  Throughout our 28 years of service, we stayed true in our mission of “protecting what matters to you.” In the effort of carrying out our services in the best way possible, our talented team holds three core values—experience, accountability and service excellence.


Since our establishment back in 1992, we have been a competitive player in the Pompano Beach fencing industry. We built the reputation that we have today from the consistent observance of our owner’s mindset practice. While we put pride in our 28 years of experience in this industry, we also are proud of our continuous innovations in order to keep up with the command of the times.


Our tagline, “We Protect What Matters to You” was born out of our promise of accountability to all our clients. We seek to protect your property like it is ours. Your security is our priority. With this, we make sure to take responsibility of the performance of our products. This is our quality service that goes beyond.


There are many Pompano Beach fence companies out there, and we are aware that this industry can be as competitive as it gets. However, we welcome this challenge because we stick to our brand of service excellence. We know that our clients do not only look for fencing services but also for stress-free transactions. We serve both.

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